Splitting Binaries


4 thoughts on “Splitting Binaries

  1. yay! radfem graphic!

    ok….so biology:male and gender:male both lead to (require?) PIV? and dom/sub is on the gender side…and does NOT preclude the radical conclusion that PIV is the root of womens oppression by men….and in fact actually supports it?

    • not sure where this leaves F2T though…they like to think they are penis-between-the-ears, but *their* version of it doesnt lead to PIV. so *their* version of it is not the root of womens oppression, by men.

      actually, i am not sure where the PIV fits into the reasoning (i see that its on the bottom on each side of the graphic), could you clarify?

      • Social vs biological/physical

        PIV (physical-harm) and PIV (social-harm).

        ” This time, I speak not of the rape of my body,
        This time, I speak of the rape of my soul”
        ( Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology, 1978)

        Denial of social/political rights is Violence-Against-Women, as an extension of PIV as metaphor
        All social/political heirarchies are based on the metaphor of PIV, as in there is a fuckER and the fuckEE. (whether individuals, or whole classes of people)
        One who does the Fucking, and the other who gets Fucked. Sometimes, like in physical BDSM “role-play” or “performance”, the roles are switched. Metaphor for racism, classism, militarism etc etc etc etc It is reflected in metaphor, in symbolism, in capitalism (eg market “penetration”)
        In religion especially (eg Yin-Yang) in other binaries like left- and right-wing,
        “rape of the Earth” in agriculture, industry, Man Fucks the environment, or Fucks Nature, he forces Nature to yield – He Rapes Her.

        ” Its not just the men in the bed, its the men in the head”
        (Adrienne Rich, “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence”, 1980)

        “Femininity has nothing to do with Femaleness”
        Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology, 1978

        femininity as it is socially constructed, is just a milder, nicer, gentler form of masculinity – and all the ‘queer’ confusion of gender-continuums, are all forms of the same “Flight from the Female’.

        Mary Daly goes into this in great depth in Gyn/Ecology with her use of the analogy of Apollo (Macho Male, He-Man) vs Dionysis (Gentle-Man, the Nice-Guy, the girly-boi, the SNAG)
        Plenty of such masculine-feminine binaries exist: ‘Hawks’ (war-mongers) vs ‘Doves’ (peaceniks)
        God (Hellfire & brimstone) vs Jesus (gentle peacenik)
        Romulus vs Remus; Cain vs Abel etc etc etc. Females have been forced to identify with male-bodied ‘femininity’ in order to be considered even half-way human.

        F2ms, are not moving towards masculinity so much, as just trying to move away from femaleness (even the ‘queers’ who say they are neither, but some hybrid androgyne or neuter). M2fs, are adopting another form of masculinity, which still erases femaleness, and their politics is based on “penetration” symbolism. Females who adopt exaggerated femininity, just like M2f’s, are also trying to escape femaleness.

        For more info, see my earliest posts in a series of essays on this blog – they are serialised as shorter summarised chapters of a larger body of work I did years ago titled ” And Just *WHOSE* Biology-Is-Destiny Around Here, Anyway?” Starting with reproduction, through to Social Gender-Identity.

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