“Top of the Lake” Miniseries (2013)

Top of the LakeWhether you are a fan of crime thrillers or not, there is plenty to engage in this miniseries, as it is an atmospheric, slow-paced & thoughtful detective drama, (not a standard action-packed crime thriller) beautifully filmed in rural New Zealand with a top cast.

Detective Robin Griffin has returned to her childhood home in small-town New Zealand, to visit ill family, and also as an excuse to get away from a recent workplace crisis in the city.  Robin finds 12-year-old Tui, pregnant and trying to kill herself in a freezing New Zealand lake.  However, young Tui suddenly disappears the next day and through investigating the disappearance, Robin finds herself  embroiled in small-town secrets, including one of her own teenage experiences.

Some minor gripes of mine included casting American actress Elisabeth Moss in the lead, with a disappointing performance in her role as a ‘detective from Sydney’ against a much better supporting cast of Australian and New Zealand talent.  Secondly, I have never thought highly of Jane Campion as a writer but its better than her being Director.

Nonetheless, despite these minor quibbles, the story works well and the scenes involving the women’s lakeside commune are an interesting distraction. Recommended as well worth a watch over a few evenings.





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