About my name – its a short version of a nickname that has stuck with me since childhood. I was born in the Snowy Mountains, but later raised mostly in the rural outback desert plains of Australia. A  ‘…sunburnt country, a land of … drought and flooding rains’*.  Rain is unusual in that part of the world, and as a 8-year-old I was squealing with delight outside in a rare downpour with the whole community.  My dad was half native american, and he said I reminded him of his Algonquin mother who would sing in her native language whenever it rained. So, ‘rainsinger’ was born. The name stuck throughout life, but in many variants including RainSong, RainDancer and when the internet was invented it remained.  I first stumbled into feminism in my 20s, way-back in the 1970s/80s, and like the nickname, it also stuck.

And, I still love the rain..

* From the poem ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mackellar


5 thoughts on “About

    • Are you in touch with any of your grandmothers people now?
      Thanks helzeph.
      Unfortunately I never knew any of my father’s family 😦

  1. As you might know, the time that your father spoke of was the Great Depression, the Dirty ’30s. Drought on the Prairie. It went on for nearly 10 years, people were starving, lost their land, families broke up, some left for other lands. Lots of history there. Rain was as rare as it must be in the driest parts of Australia on the worst years. Sinclair Ross http://www.amazon.ca/Lamp-Noon-Other-Stories/dp/0771099967

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