Magical Amazons: Women-In-Action (1)

This collection, includes female action heroines, where women leads take some action, from kick-butt, to crime sleuthing.  I must admit that like many other women, I have also loved TV shows and films with strong kick-butt women leads,  but as Mary Magoulick writes in “Frustrating Female Heroism: Mixed Messages in Xena, Nikita, and Buffy” that “In spite of their female characters’ strengths, these shows contain troubling and sexist messages in images and plot lines that neither advance nor celebrate feminism.”   Despite this — No matter how much misogyny,  (overt or covert) is actually present, many women adore films of this type.  Every generation seems to have a favourite of their youth, eg Buffy, Xena.

The loyal fandom amongst women represents to me, not watching “feminist” role models – but just a simple expression of ‘relief’ from the far more blatant In-Your-Face misogyny of our everyday lives, and the other 99.999% of sexist propaganda hate speech in populist-culture, and mainly arising from the natural desire of women to see women experiencing epic adventures and in any role but the traditional ones.

As one character said on a Wonder Woman episode:  “You’ll never see her,  behind a typewriter”.

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