Evergreen (2004)

Runtime: 86 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Imdb link:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0389988/
Director (Writer):
Enid Zentelis
Cara Seymour … Kate
Lynn Cohen … Grandmom
Addie Land… Henri
Noah Fliess…Chat



For me, one of main themes I find attractive in films in this genre, is the theme of Reconciliation or Reclamation of the Mother-Daughter relationship, and it is a bonus when this is expanded to grandmothers as well, as they are in Evergreen.    

Fourteen year old Henrietta–Henri for short–longs for everything she doesn’t have.  Her mother Kate, a poor single mother has moved from one dead-end minimum-wage job to another, constantly dragging Henri along from town to town, trailer-park to trailer-park, always looking for a better deal.  

At the beginning of the film, Kate has ended up so broke that she is forced to return to her own mother’s home-town, bringing herself and Henri to move in with her grandmother in a leaking old shack on the edge of town. Henri is hell bent on finding a way out, and is bitter at her mother for their lifestyle, and angry at starting at yet another new school in a new town, in a place she would rather not be.  

Henri meets a boy at school, Chat Turly, and becomes infatuated with him in the classic romantic sub-plot and with his idealised wealthy white middle-class family. Henri overlooks some of the behaviors she witnesses in Chat, (who true to type, screws her and tries to dump her) and at the Turlys’ home, choosing instead to see what she only wants to see, as she tries desperately and pathetically to become a part of the new family.  Meanwhile, her shame over her real family situation is in stark contrast to her attempts to find a new one.

When Henri can no longer ignore the severe flaws in Chat and his family, she comes to appreciate what she does have in a whole new light.


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