Girls Town (1996)

Runtime: 90 min
Language: English
Country: USA
IMDb Link:

Description:  A ‘coming-of-age’ story of four girlfriends in their senior year of high-school,  Patti, Nikki, Angela and Emma.   Emma has a shallow boyfriend, Patti is a single teen mother, trying to raise her baby and finish high-school after flunking out several times, while also avoiding her baby’s loser father, and Angela tries to deal with a domineering mother.    One evening Emma and Nikki are chatting about their feelings on going to college the following year, but the next morning, Nikki doesn’t show up for school.  She has committed suicide.  Shocked and confused, the three remaining girls struggle for clues to explain the tragedy, and discover Nikki’s diary and learn that she had been raped while serving an internship at a magazine office.   

The girls grow individually and collectively, as they all learn to stand up for themselves and for each other when they compare notes, in the aftermath of Nikki’s death. Emma was also raped, and Patti sardonically says that if rape is having sex when you don’t really want to, then she’s been raped by practically every guy she’s ever gone out with. Eventually, the three girls decide that it’s time to stand up for themselves and retaliate against the men who have wronged them; they begin by vandalizing the car of Emma’s attacker and then formulate a plan to punish the man who raped Nikki.    

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