A Gun For Jennifer (1996)

IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0160339/

Director: Todd Morris
Deborah Twiss … Jennifer / Allison
Benja Kay … Dt. Billie Perez
Rene Alberta … Becky
Tracy Dillon … Grace
Freida Hoops … Jesse
Veronica Cruz … Priscilla
Sheila Schmidt … Trish
Beth Dodye Bass … Annie
Joseph Pallister … Grady
Arthur J. Nascarella … Lt. Rizzo (as Arthur Nascarella)

The story revolves around a group of women, who take to the streets as vigilantes in taking bad guys out.  The film opens on the group saving a young woman (Jennifer, from the title) from being attacked. They have her shoot the guy, and then encourage her to join the gang. From there we follow the women, as they take down various male criminals in the city, until they find the baddest guy of all … but the plot thickens with police involvement, a twist or two with the senior policewoman on the case, and a mystery or two in the sub-plots.

In true seventies grindhouse style, the film has a very low quality feel about it, with misty camerawork and the performances are delivered by an amateur cast.  The film also does a very good job of painting men in a very realistic and unfavourable light, making the women’s retribution all the more plausible and worthwhile.  


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