‘Act of Vengeance’ (1974) [aka ‘Rape Squad’]

IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072067/
Country: USA
Director: Bob Kelljan
Jo Ann Harris … Linda
Peter Brown … Jack
Jennifer Lee … Nancy
Lisa Moore … Karen
Connie Strickland … Teresa
Patricia Estrin … Angie

Unfortunately, this film is very dated by modern standards, not helped by poor production quality, poor script and wooden performances.  The ending is very implausible, but if you can suspend much of that, there are some classic scenes, and valuable messages in its themes (particularly in herstorical perspective), to be retained.

Description: As for the narrative, Linda gets raped by a man in a hockey mask, known as the ‘Jingle Bells’ Rapist who has been serially attacking women over the city. After the usual non-action and disinterest by the police, she finds that there a few other women who have had the same treatment, by both the rapist and by the police.  Together they form a squad, or collective, partly as a support group, and start building a consciousness-raising / public sexual assault service for women more generally.   With the help of a woman martial arts expert, they also start training in self-defence and also start taking collective vigilante action against various individual men.  They finally capture the Jingle Bells dude.


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