Sweet Karma (2009)

Country: Canada (English)
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1467088/
Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt
Shera Bechard … Karma Balint
John Tokatlidis … William
Frank J. Zupancic … Stefan
Christian Bako … Tomas
Laura McLean … Mavra
Patricia Stasiak … Anna Balint
Lana Koseniv … Galina
Mark Wiebe … Peter
Steve Richard … Peaches
Adam Tomlinson … Skinny Boy
Brent Crawford … David Grey

The simple story is, a mute Russian girl infiltrates Toronto’s underground sex trade to avenge the death of her sister.  Sweet Karma has some surprising twists on the rape-revenge genre, while still paying homage to some of the classics , the mute shy woman protagonist for example, to films such as Ms .45, which in turn pays homage to Thriller: A Cruel Picture.  The use of ‘silence’ is a common technique in feminist films,  and Karma (Shera Bedard) as a mute added a great dimension to her character.  Expressing emotions, thoughts, motives and intentions through her eyes and body language, since Karma can’t tell her story herself.  There are sporadic ‘flashback’ scenes early in the film, showing how Karma’s sister had been drawn into the world of global sex-trade trafficking and has disappeared, believed dead.  Karma feels she has nothing left to lose, and goes in search of her sister, taking out her cold, clinical, silent anger on all those who’re responsible, along the chain from the recruiters to the bosses. 

The film includes a very twisting plot that keeps you engaged, the violence is not over-the-top, and with a disturbing, cynical twist at the end.


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