The Ladies Club (1986)

IMDb Link:
Janet Greek
Karen Ustin … Joan Taylor
Diana Scarwid… Lucy Bricker
Christine Belford…. Dr. Constance Lewis
Bruce Davison… Richard Harrison
Shera Danese…… Eva
Beverly Todd …..Georgiane
Marilyn Kagan …..Rosalie
Kit McDonough …..Carol
Randee Heller ……Harriet

A policewoman raped by 3 burglars in her home, (and who get off the charge), meets with other women including a surgeon whose young daughter was brutally raped/murdered, and a woman whose sister is mentally disabled following a brutal attack.

These various women, some victims, some family of victims, start with a support group, but end up forming an ‘underground’ vigilante group, telling husbands and co-workers they are just meeting socially as a “Ladies Book Club”.  However, their weekly meetings are to arrange the abduction and surgical castration of men who have committed repeated violations of women, and got away with it through legal technicalities, victims’ reluctance to report, and/or received inadequate sentencing.

The Director, Janet Greek, is best known for TV series work, including Babylon 5, Xena and Melrose Place, and this  shows here in the casting of mostly TV series actors, all the interior studio set work on a low budget, and rapid-fire snappy dialogue.

In some minor scenes, the low budget sets, performances, scripting etc detracts from it – but in its overall storyline, its presentation of the impacts on family/friends and especially in its strong powerful ending, it still succeeds in getting its message across, and remains a classic of ’80s feminist film. 



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