The title comes from: 4 – Girls, 3 – Days, 2 – Cities, 1 – Chance.   While Jo is chained down in a dead end supermarket job for the weekend, three of her friends are all out on their own separate ways for the weekend.  Cassandra is jetting off to New York for the weekend, to sit for a piano audition for entry into a prestigious music academy – but also, more importantly to her to meet up with her american Internet chatline boyfriend; Kerrys is on a one woman crusade fighting sexism and racism with her family, especially her half-brother,  and with her lesbian lovers, and with the world at large. Shannon is seriously depressed, slowly moping towards suicide on a bridge. But when the girls meet on the Friday afternoon for coffee-in-the-mall, they have a chance encounter with diamond thieves on the run, which sends their four separate worlds on a wild ride collision course.

The film starts off confusing, and each in their individual ways, are involved in diamond heist (unwittingly and incidentally). Reminds me of  Pulp Fiction, with the disjointed comedy scenes that don’t always make sense until much later. The film is split into 4 parts, following each of the individual girls over the same 3 day weekend period. They each have different life-stories and backgrounds, and cross-paths in various ways. Some great stand-alone gags, including some kewl lesbian ones, and one-liners which had me in stitches, throw in some action, some serious issues and sadness and pathos – some grrrrl-power, female-friendship (us-against-ALL-the-dorky-dicks) and it was a fun ride.  The commercial trailer is very misleading, as the diamond heist really isn’t the central issue, and the minimal (don’t-blink-or-you-miss-it) action scenes are incidental.

It is far more about the girls, and the film spends a lot more time on each of their lives, and gets an extra star for the girl-bonding.


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