Journal of a Contract Killer (2008)

Imdb link:
Country: UK
(some Italian parts, subtitled)
Director: Tony Maylam
Justine Powell… Stephanie
 Adam Leese… Sam
Jake Canuso… Alessandro
Marco Gambino… Franco
Heather Bleasdale… Sarah
Isabella Damiano… Zoe


Stephanie Komack, 28, has been living in London as a single mother of a 7-year-old daughter, Zoe, and working as a waitress for 7 years.

 In her youth, she had lived in Italy for a few years, first as a highly paid call-girl, then an even more highly paid hit-woman for the Mafia.  At 21, she ‘retired’ and returned to her native London, pregnant and starting a new life, including an on-again, off-again lesbian relationship. After 7 years her past catches up with her, with a visit from an old flame from Naples.

Coerced into doing one last ‘hit’ for the mob, which then goes wrong, Stephanie’s daughter, Zoe, is taken by the mob in retribution.  With nowhere to turn, and nothing left to lose, she takes revenge.

 I found this thriller taking me by surprise, partly due to the wonderful performance of the lead actress, Justine Powell, and a powerful script using flash-backs while she is reading aloud from her Journal.


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